you’re now in the jojo universe. suddenly, you are hit by the arrow. your stand awakens. click here to find out your stand’s name and reblog with your its name and the powers it has. (bonus if you draw it!)

  • my stand: WHAT IS LOVE? 
  • powers: makes people it comes into contact with irrationally scared of being hurt by it. constant head bobbing. when it sweats heavily and the sweat evaporates into the air it can make anyone in close proximity question reality.

Stand: Glosoli

Powers: Summon small bubbles of light to perfectly illuminate a set distance. Intensity of light can be adjusted to suit needs. If bubbles are forcefully popped, they create a focused explosion that reaches the temperature of the sun.

I’d draw it, but I actually have a Jojo-related drawing on the way.

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Yeah, yeah, should’ve worn a different colored tanktop, but whatever.

Decided to treat myself to a little reward for hitting sub-160 pounds today: a discounted Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow (seven bucks!). I think I might make this a regular thing, buying a Nerf gun for every ten pounds I lose. And I know exactly what the hell I’m buying when I hit 149:

The Rebelle Agent Bow.

For the most part the Nerf Rebelle line has been kinda whatever with their designs, and I really wasn’t a fan of the bright pink and weird tribal tattoo markings (or the fact that Nerf felt a “girl friendly” line was even necessary in the first place), but that bastard up there? That thing is rad as hell. And it fires arrows! I am a complete loser for rad bows, and now Nerf finally has something a little closer to a real bow. What’s not to like?

Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3



I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

I’ve just started a new town as the first one was getting too crowded after 5 years of gameplay there, so I’m planning to play the Sims 3 as my main game for at least the five next years! ;D

Unless Sims 4 pulls an Eggman’s April Tricks and everything miraculously turns out better than it’s shaping up to, I think I’ll stay with Sims 3, though I honestly might look into picking up 2 because these load times are absolutely atrocious.


Y O U   C A N   F E E L   N I N T E N D O ’ S   A N G E R

I’m so sorry, Sakurai.

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if you claim to have gone through the naruto phase without having a crush on at least one akatsuki member than you are a fucking liar

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The ‘yes or no’ game.



You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

Absolutely anything goes. Anything.

Will send an ask in return! <3

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Hate breeds hate is probably the most bullshit thing I’ve ever heard.

You know what hasn’t changed the world? Simply sitting by and hoping it changes.

You know what HAS changed the world? Revolution, protests, marches anger.

Anger and passion have changed the world and I’m going to bed damned is someone tries to silence me or anyone else by talking about “hate breeds hate”

Shut the fuck up.


No, no, NO.

Hate is not the same as anger. Anger, truly righteous anger absolutely can change the world. Anger and outrage can bring people to act, to take a stand against injustice, to make a change in the world.

But hate? Hate is destruction that doesn’t breed creation. Hate is blinding. Hate leads people to act irrationally, to not think of others in their blind ambition to destroy whatever it is that offends them, that opposes them. Hate leads people to burn, to maim, to kill. Hate is not a teacher, hate is a punisher.

Anger leads people to protest, to stand their ground for what they believe is right, to educate and empower others. Hate leads people to riot, to violently destroy any opposition, to eliminate ignorance not through education, but eradication.

Think of it this way: Someone has done something to upset you, maybe they said something you found offensive. To show anger and passion would be to tell them, clearly and succinctly, why what they’ve done is upsetting and to educate them as to why it has been perceived as wrong. This opens the floor to communication, to education, to furthering your cause in a healthy way. To show hate, on the other hand, would be to tell them they’re worthless scum for their transactions and that they should kill themselves to rid the world of their ignorance. This erases any opportunity for communication, possibly even leading to retaliation, to further hate.

Anger and passion breed change. Hate breeds hate.

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yourlordandmasterfailsnake said: ★★

1. Most of Nost’s scars are self-inflicted.

2. What little free time Nost has is usually spent in the library.

ribbonflies said: ★★★★★

Cheesus crust okay.

1. Nost developed a taste for meat shakes while in recovery at Fresh’s castle. Even after regaining the ability to eat solid food, she would occasionally request more meat shakes be made.

2. For the first few months after she’d fully recovered and became a full resident of the castle, she refused to sleep in the lavish bed Fresh had given her or wear any of the clothes he’d made for her, choosing instead to sleep on the floor and wear her comparatively simple nightgowns as she worked. She was so determined to maintain her spartan lifestyle and avoid any temptation that she would ritually flog herself if she overate in the slightest.

3. She’s never actually met anyone in the Legion aside from Fresh and Kiwi. Ask the Legion is, in fact, her first time speaking to anyone that doesn’t live in or frequently visit the castle.

4. Nost convinced Fresh to allow his servants to wear more modest, weather-appropriate attire if they choose. She also convinced him to reconsider calling them his bitches.

5. Nost adores taking long baths.